The wright family

Dan, his wife, Heidi and their son, Isaac love to serve God at Open Bible. This family is humbled and excited to be the first cross-cultural missionaries sent from our fellowship with World Team.  Since arriving in the Philippines, they have begun the process of adopting Abigail, whose was looking to be sold by her mother.  

The Wright Family is now living in Antipolo, Philippines where they have planted PURE Church.  They have also begun a ministry to the poor in the Kamandag community where PURE Church has planted another church PURE Church @ Happy Family.  

The Lord has also supplied a fellow laborer from the area, Edson Arsua who helps with the teaching and preaching.  He is currently training Tatay Beng as Pastor of PURE Church at Happy House.  This daughter church is using local members of the community to lead the church. 

On one afternoon a week, there is a Bible study for the ladies in the community as well as a birthing clinic to help address some of the physical needs.

The Wrights are the in process of adopting Abi, a young Filipino child  from the community.

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